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Monday, October 18, 2010

Re: Eat & Meet: DMNA annual mtg, Thur., Oct. 21


Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Social & DMNA Annual Meeting

(Read the article below this announcement for further details such as neighborhood boundaries, requirements for membership – but you don’t have to be a member to participate – and so on.)

Thursday, October 21
at Prairie UU Society
   2010 Whenona Dr. – corner of Whenona & Crawford, south of ped/bike bridge

6:30 – Social & sign-in – Free bowl of prize-winning chili for all you early birds plus sweet snacks while signing in, reading last year’s minutes, etc.

7:00 – Neighborhood Organizations Presentations
  • Allied Wellness Co-op – Come and learn what it’s all about.
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Big Brothers-Big Sisters – Learn about the “School Friends” program.

Annual Meeting of the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association

  • Officer’s Reports - Last year’s minutes, Treasurer’s report
  • Committee Reports - Brief summaries – 2 minutes each!!!!
  • Greetings from the ADMNA
  • 7:45 - “Open Floor” – Your chance to talk about the neighborhood and how to make it better
  • 8:15 – Choosing next year’s DMNA Neighborhood Council
  • Adjournment

        Only members may vote.  Join by filling out a form at the mtg.


More details....

All residents of the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood are invited to attend the neighborhood social and Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association annual meeting, this Thursday, 7 pm, at Prairie UU Society, 2010 Whenona Drive, on the corner of Whenona & Crawford Drives, a few short blocks south of the pedestrian/bike bridge over the Beltline.

How do you know if you live within the DMNA boundaries?  It’s easy.  Just look at the attached map which also shows the 4 subareas from which Council representatives are shown.  In short the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood’s boundaries are Verona Road, the Beltline, Seminole Highway, Dunn’s Marsh itself (below Crescent Road), and the Allied Drive/Carling Drive areas.  

If you live within this area, we welcome you to attend the social and the meeting.  If you agree with our purposes – which are to unite neighbors to solve mutual problems and to promote fellowship among neighbors – you may also become a member for voting purposes.  But regardless of whether you are a member, you are invited to come to eat, to learn, and to put in your 2 cents worth about how we can work together to make our neighborhood an even better place to be.

The evening starts at 6:30 pm with a bowl of chili and some sweet treats.  Jeff Glazer, whose chili won the highest ranking at the chili fest, will try to recreate his prize-winning chili.  It should warm us up for the meeting itself.  We hope people will sign in during this time and check out last year’s minutes.

The meeting starts at 7 pm sharp with brief presentations from other organizations active in our neighborhood.  Next, DMNA Council members will give short reports on their activities during the past year.   We’ve been a busy bunch!  Then it’s time for you to talk.  After that “caucuses” from each of the 4 neighborhood areas may choose their representatives for next year’s DMNA Council.

Please come, and bring as many interested friends as you can.

Want more information?  Contact  President, Jeff Glazer, 277-1778 or Communications Chair Mary Mullen,
or 298-0843.                            

This notice comes from Mary Mullen, Communications Chair, Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association.


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