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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

VOTER ID mtg., WED., 6:30 pm

WHAT:  Voter ID Information meeting

WHEN:  6:30 p.m., Wed., Jan. 11

WHERE:  Prairie UU Society, 2010 Whenona Drive (enter from Crawford Dr. side)

FOR WHOM:  Anyone who wants to vote or learn about the requirements of the new Voter ID law

SPONSORED BY:  Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, conducted by representative of the Madison City Clerk’s Office

  • because the law has changed since the last election
  • because you can’t vote without an approved picture ID
  • because some picture IDs won’t entitle a person to vote
  • because you believe that qualified electors should be able to vote
  • because you may have some questions
    • What about my mother in assisted living whose driver’s license has expired?
    • What if I want to vote absentee?  Will I have to send in a picture ID?  Will my vote count if I don’t?
    • What about my daughter who goes to the University of Wisconsin Madison and doesn’t have a driver’s license?
    • What about my son who goes to Madison College (MATC) and doesn’t have a driver’s license?
    • What if a person has lost their license?
    • What about my nephew who goes to school in Minnesota?  What does this law mean for him?
  • because if you don’t have an approved picture ID, it might take some time to get one, and you want to be sure you have all the correct documentation to get a driver’s license or special voter ID.  This information session will help you be successful in getting ID.
  • because you want to vote without a hitch in the elections coming up
Spring Primary Election - Tuesday, Feb. 21st (School Board, Court of Appeals, County Supervisor,  & more)
Spring Election - Tuesday, Apr. 3rd  (All above plus Presidential Primary)
Fall Primary Election - Tuesday, Aug. 14th (U.S. Sen. & Rep., state rep., city clerks, etc.)
General Election - Tuesday, Nov. 6th  (Presidential Election)

You should know, of course, that voters must be registered to vote as well as have a picture ID.  Register now, and your won’t have to prove residency on the spot because a postcard will be sent to the address you give.  Its return proves your residency.  Residency rules have also changed.  Someone qualified to register voters should be on hand at this meeting.

Need more information about this meeting?  Contact Mary Mullen,  Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association Communications, 608-298-0843.

This is notice is brought to you by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, Bob Hague, President, 218-1760 <>

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