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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Worried about the 15% reassessment?

Are you a home owner concerned about your recent property reassessment? 

You're not alone!  The entire neighborhood was hit with a 15% DROP in property values. 

A group of neighbors is working together to get our elected officials to take notice and help us.  If you want to know more please email 

We are not looking for a time commitment from you - at the very least we're trying to get a handle on who is going to get their property reassessed by the City this summer (instructions are on the little card you got in the mail).  The deadline for initiating that process is MONDAY, MAY 14. 

Again, if you're upset and looking to take action or if you just want to let us know that you're getting your property reassessed but we should leave you alone, please email Brooke at

Thanks for your time!

This request is passed on to you by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association.  It is being sent only to people living in the Crawford and Marlborough sections of the neighborhood since this is the area that has been revalued at 15% below last year’s rate.

Also attached is the list of neighborhood properties provided to us by the city.  It shows the 2011 and 2012 assessments.  The 15% change in assessments is based on sales in the Madison part of the neighborhood in 2011.  The sales are noted on the document, and for those properties, the 2011 sale price is the 2012 assessment.  [Please note that only jpg documents show up on Facebook.  To receive DMNA news directly that include attachments such as pdfs, please request to be added to the DMNA e-list.  Contact Mary Mullen <>]

Also noted are assessments that are not based on the 15% general devaluation along with the reason for the different rate of change.  Often a lesser revaluation or even a value above the 2011 assessment is due to “new construction before trend” or “individual review for equity.”  In other words, your action as an owner can have an effect.

The procedure for filing an objection and appealing the assessment can be found at
Another very helpful document is the Property Assessment Appeal Guide For Wisconsin Real Property Owners, 2012 by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  It’s available online at

Mary Mullen
Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association Communications

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