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Sunday, March 17, 2013

DMNA marsh mtg., Tues., Mar. 19

Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association e-Notice         
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                                                           March 17, 2013
Marsh Meeting, Tues., March 19, 6:30 p.m.
Even if you have never set foot in Dunn’s Marsh or knowingly driven past it, this meeting is for you. It’s also for those who have been intimately involved in our neighborhood gem, Dunn’s Marsh.   Tuesday’s the night to come to a special Dunn’s Marsh meeting about Dunn’s Marsh itself.
Should be an interesting night with marsh aficionados getting to know each other, experts from both Madison and Fitchburg to give us up-to-date information, a big map to help everyone understand how the natural watershed of the marsh has been enlarged with water piped from elsewhere, and plenty of opportunity to express concerns and hopes about Dunn’s Marsh.
Come and bring any friends or neighbors who are interested in the marsh.  All are welcome.
Date:  Tuesday, March 19.  
Time:  6:30 pm.
Place:  Prairie UU Society, 2010 Whenona Drive
More information: or 608-298-0843
                                                                                   by Mary Mullen

Marsh Memories from an Old Timer

Reading about the Marsh brings back so many memories of when I was a ”LOT” younger.   
We kids in the neighborhood use to take our snow shovels or whatever shovels we could find and go down and clean the “Duck Pond” off for skating.  It was always known as just the “Duck Pond”….no name back then. One of the neighborhood boys would take a can of some kind of oil or grease and set it on fire to warm our hands.   
I remember one time when I was out on the ice and the train came down the tracks… should have seen me scrambling to get off the ice.  One of the bigger kids told us the ice would crack when the train came down the tracks.   
In the summer time my brothers and other kids would take their fish poles down to fish.  It was the place to go to catch turtles, fish, tadpoles or what have you. Now the fish probably would not be “fit” to eat.  I want to think the pond was a little deeper then, because some of the kids would also swim there.
Even a few wooden rafts were launched from the tracks.  When more than two kids would get on the raft, it would sometimes sink, which made for a lot of laughs. A few would make it out to the middle of the pond and eventually “pole” their way back in.
We also went up to the Brookwood shopping center to ice skate.  The Fitchburg fire station was up there and the Firemen would let us go inside to warm up.  Then (you probably remember) they use to flood the park on Britta Parkway.  Our kids would go up there to skate.   
My how things have changed.  Could you see kids walking down to the Pond and clearing it off or up to Brookwood  or even Britta Pkwy. today to skate.  If they don’t have “wheels” to take them or a warming house, they don’t go. Memories….
Also, maybe you know…why isn’t the Marsh ever “dredged out”? Last summer when it was dry (which was the first time I had ever seen that happen) would have been a good time.   I am sure a lot of fish died because of the pond being dried out.

If it had been a little deeper, maybe it would not have dried out and provided more food for the birds, fish and others that depend on the water for food.
                                                                        from Mary Melvin, Windflower Way resident

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