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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May 1 Community mtg / vandalism :(

 Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association e-Notice
                                              April 30, 2013

2 things:  1 - May 1 Verona Rd. Art meeting
                2 - Vandalism
1 - Another Special Neighborhood Meeting sponsored by the DMNA
to learn about possible art and artists for the Verona Road Project
to express your opinion and make your suggestions

Date - Wed., May 1, 2013
Time - 7:30 p.m.
Place - Prairie UU Society, 2010 Whenona Drive (entrance on Crawford)

Artists attending:  Elizabeth Doyle and Marcia Yapp, mosaic artists, who are subconsultants to Ken Saiki, project manager assisting with the Community Sensitive Solutions (CSS) opportunities within the local neighborhoods as a subconsultant to Strand Associates.  (Strand is a consultant to WisDOT for the Verona Road project.)

Following the presentations and discussion, the DMNA Council will meet to conduct its regular business

A second presentation will take place at the Allied Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Board meeting on Saturday, May 4, 12:00 noon, Revival Ridge Community Room, corner of Allied and Jenewein.  At this meeting, Elizabeth Doyle, mosaic artist and, Reginald Baylor, a graphics, light and sculpture artist will be making presentations. Neighbors are invited to attend either or both presentations.


Also expected to attend this meeting are Mark Vesperman, WisDOT project manager; Joe Bunker, Strand Associates,  consultant project manager; Ken Saiki (mentioned above); and  Karin Wolf – City of Madison, Art Program Administrator.

2 - Vandals have hit the garden shed in Marlborough Park for a second time and the Little Free Library on Whenona Drive for the third time.  If you are within sight of either facility, please keep your eyes peeled for these vandals.  Please call 911 if you see vandalism taking place, and take notes on the appearance of the person or persons you see.   Please also let the DMNA know if you have any idea who might be doing this.

This notice is brought to you by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association.
               President, Bob Hague,   218-1760
               News contact, Mary Mullen,  298-0843
               Website: <> (under construction)
               On Facebook:  Just type Dunn’s Marsh into the Facebook search box.

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