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Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Marsh Mtg Monday- B there or B square

B There or B Square…
to learn from a star-studded cast

at the Dunn’s Marsh Watershed Master Plan Workshop

Monday, February 24
6:30-8:30 pm
2010 Whenona Drive
(Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society)
It’s not every day that you can get experts from Fitchburg, Madison, Dane County, Department of Natural Resources, and the University of Wisconsin to work on a project together.  However, that is just what is happening here in the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood.
The occasion is a presentation and discussion of the Dunn’s Marsh Watershed Master Plan.  The public - that’s all of us in the neighborhood - is cordially invited to attend the workshop. It will run from
There’s a lot to learn about the situations affecting the marsh and about proposals that have been made.  Recommendations on many fronts will be reviewed and discussed
·     stormwater, groundwater, water and wastewater,
·     vegetation management and ecological restoration, and
·     recreation.  
·     intergovernmental agreements, grant applications, and the like.
Draft agenda and further remarks from Fitchburg’s Environmental Engineer, Rick Eilertson:

1. Review/Discuss stormwater, groundwater, water & wastewater recommendations
2. Review/Discuss vegetation management/ecological restoration recommendations
3. Review/Discuss recreational recommendations
4. Review/Discuss recommendations on Intergovernmental Agreements, Grant Applications, etc.
5. Wrap Up / Next Steps / Action Items
Numerous historical documents and draft recommendations for the Dunn's Marsh area can be found at  (Use cut and paste if this isn’t a live link.)

We'll be making several updates to this web page in the upcoming 2-3 months prior to finalizing the recommendations before grant applications are submitted.

Those from outside the neighborhood who are expected to participate in the meeting include:
Rick Eilertson, Fitchburg Environmental Engineer
Chris James and Jeremy Balousek, representing Dane County
Greg Fries and Russ Hefty, representing City of Madison
Eric Rortvedt and Milke Gilbertson, representing the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Dave Liebl, representing the University of Wisconisn
Professor Ken Potter and at least 2 students from the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Management Program Practicum, Cynthia Novak and Anna Brown
Phil Seum, from the Harland Hills Condo Association

Here’s the challenge - for neighborhood people to at least equal all those coming to talk and learn from us.  Let’s show the “outsiders” that we care about our marsh.

Will you be there?
by Mary Mullen

This message is brought to you by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association.


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