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Friday, August 22, 2014

Install Garden Mosaics, Sat, Aug. 23

                                                                                                        August 22, 2014

COME TO THE SATURDAY MOSAIC INSTALLATION WORKDAY.   (2 short articles about the garden mosaic project) The usual masthead information is at the end.  Both articles by Mary Mullen.


Get Your Licks in for the Garden Mosaics, Saturday, August 23

Yes, it is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the summer on Saturday.  That’s just the reason we need YOU to come up to the Marlborough Community Garden to help dig in the 32 numbered mosaic stones that will mark the beginning and end of each garden path.  The more people, the less each one has to do.  
Wouldn’t it be great to have 64 people with their shovels, pick axes, and posthole diggers?  In pairs could make short work of this project.
Time:  10 a.m. - 12:30 pm - Arrive promptly to learn the details of how to set the stones.
Where:  Marlborough Garden shed area
What to bring:  a hat, work gloves, water to drink; if possible - a sturdy shovel or, better yet, a posthole digger and or pick axe (That ground is mighty hard.)
The job:  digging holes 7 inches deep, laying in and leveling 4 inches of gravel and tamping it, laying in and leveling 1 inch of limestone fines and tamping, setting the stone, tamping dirt around the edges.  
The letter stones that spell out “Marlborough Community Garden” will be placed on another day or days, September 20 and 27.
The strip of mosaics above the article are 7 of the 32 actual mosaics made in mid-July by gardeners and residents of the neighborhood.

60 Mosaics Created by Gardeners and Neighbors
(Attachment:  “pics creating the mosaics.jpg”)

Marlborough Park shelter was abuzz with activity on Thursday night, July 17, and Saturday morning July 17.  Kida and adults, gardeners, Dunn’s Marsh neighbors, and friends created 60 colorful mosaic stepping stones for Marlborough Community Garden. About 40 people came on July 17 and 50 on July 19.
On July 24, more people  lined up on both sides of 2 picnic tables to grout the foot-square stones.  About 30 attended that day.
Those who came together to create practical art for the garden represented a varitety of ethnic groups.  Since the community garden has 65% Spanish speakers among its 100 families, Latinos made up a good share of the mosaic-makers, but those of European background also were a large contingent.  As they say, a good time was had by all.
The 3 workshops were led by community artist Christina Kantor.  She had done a similar but smaller mosaic project for under the information bulletin board on Allied Drive at the corner of Jenewein Road.
Volunteers who helped Christina lead the workshops included Micah Kloppenberg, formerly employed by the Community Action Coalition as a garden specialist (CAC is no longer invovled in the garden), James Luscher, gardener who was in charge of the mortaring table, Patty Stockdale, gardener who hauled a lot of pavers from the shelter to the garden shed, Angelica Muñoz, gardener who translated directions into Spanish, Charlotte Spors, gardener who did childcare, and Mary Mullen, gardener who flitted from place to place helping with whatever was necessary, keeping track of who did what, and taking photographs.
This  project is funded in part by a grant from the Madison Arts Commission, with additional funding from  the Wisconsin Arts Board.  Match funds for materials and supplies are funded from Marlborough Community Garden funds.
For a 1-page picture collage of the project, click on the attachment “pics creating the mosaics.”   For a treasure trove of photos from each workshop, see the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association Facebook page.  Go to Photos, then Albums.  You’ll find these albums:  Mosaic Grouting Workshop, The Second Stepping Stone Workshop, and The First Garden Stepping Stone Workshop.
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