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Monday, April 2, 2012

April 4 DMN mtg agenda & more

Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood e-News  
                                                April 2, 2012

The DMN e-News and an occasional hard copy DMN News are published by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association (DMNA) on an “as-needed” schedule.  The Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, Inc. has been working to unite neighbors to solve mutual problems and promote fellowship among neighbors since 1973.  Our neighborhood is in Madison & Fitchburg.
               President, Bob Hague,   218-1760
               News contact, Mary Mullen,  298-0843
               Website: <>  (under construction)
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1 - Several topics may interest you at the DMNA Council meeting on Wed., April 4, 7 pm, at Prairie UU Society, 2010 Whenona Drive:

  • Brian Sheehy, Madison Police Dept., will be present to talk about security issues in the neighborhood
  • Sarah Justus, American Transmission Company, will be present to talk about the high voltage lines that are being put up along the Beltline.
  • Reports on the neighborhood sign and the grant for Little Free Libraries and neighborhood message boards.

Any resident of the neighborhood may attend this meeting, but only Council members may vote.
2 - Tomorrow, April 3, is election day. Polls are open from 7 am until 8 pm.  Picture ID is not needed this time, and if you aren’t yet registered, you may register at the polls if you have the proper documentation (Wisconsin license or ID number, SS number, proof of current residence for the past 28 days).

           Voters who live in the Madison part of the neighborhood cast their ballots at the Head Start Building, 2096 Red Arrow Trail, near McDonalds.
            Voters who live in the Fitchburg part of the neighborhood cast their ballots at Fitchburg Fire Station #2, 5415 King James Way, on the other side of Verona Road and just north of McKee Road (Co. Rd. PD).
            The ballot will include US Presidential candidates, judge, county supervisor, and school board candidates plus a referendum on worker rights.
3 - Last Column from Co. Sup. Carousel Bayrd
[Editor’s note:  After the April 3 election, Carousel Bayrd won’t be in our district and won’t be able to represent the Madison part of our neighborhood.  The same thing has happened to Matt Veldran who now represents the Fitchburg part of the neighborhood.  Kyle Richmond will be the Country Supervisor representing the Madison part of the neighborhood and Dorothy Krause will represent the Fitchburg part of the neighborhood.}

It’s been an honor representing you for the past 6 years.  With the election on April 3rd, I will be redistricted to other neighborhoods in Madison and will no longer officially represent you. I am proud to continue on with the county board, and in that sense I will still represent you in forwarding our goals for smart public safety programs, strong human services, and preserving our natural resources.  Always feel free to contact me or your new representative Kyle Richmond.  
With that, here’s my final update on what’s happening on the county board.
Overtime Audit: I am currently serving on the selection committee for an outside audit of Dane County’s overtime costs, specifically in the Criminal Justice System.  This audit is essential to letting us know how we can better serve our taxpayers by restructuring our operations or increasing base hiring to reduce our costly overtime hours.  The audit should be completed by mid-summer, giving us time to implement any recommendations in the 2013 budget.
Aging and Disability Resource Center:  Dane County was awarded state and federal funds to create a new Aging and Disability Resource Center.  It will be a one-stop shop providing services and information for individuals and their families / caregivers.  The center will assist people, free of charge, in identifying their needs and determining what resources exist in Dane County to best serve them. The center should create almost 45 new jobs in Dane County.  Plans are to open in the fall at a location to be determined.
Wisconsin Farm Technology Days:  The County will submit a formal proposal to host the 2015 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.  The three-day annual event is the largest agricultural show in Wisconsin and would bring in an estimated $1.8 million to the county.  Dane County is the most productive agricultural county in the state, and farms comprise almost 70% of Dane County land. This will be a great opportunity for Dane County to showcase our farmers.  
State Law Changes Rental Rules:  I authored a letter by the Dane County Board to the state legislature speaking against proposed tenant / landlord bill.  The bill hurts low-income renters by allowing landlords to charge any amount for security deposit (compared to the 1 to 2 months’ rent limit under current law), granting landlords more reasons to keep the security deposit, and forcing courts to evict tenants for late rent payment even if the tenant catches up.  Wisconsin doesn’t need more ways to keep people out of housing. Unfortunately, Gov. Scott Walker signed this horrible bill into law.
Power2Give Dane Arts Donors:  Dane Arts, a part of the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, is launching a new website to connect local artists with charitable donors. The site will include detailed descriptions of art programs, the costs, the amount of funding sought, how the funding will be used, and more.  The goal is to help artists find financial supporters and grant donors more easily.  Go to
Foreclosure Prevention: The Dane County Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce is a coalition of housing non-profits, government agencies, and service providers that offers free legal assistance to Dane County homeowners facing foreclosure. The current numbers are bad—while the economy may be stabilizing, the number of Dane County foreclosures is going up.  If you think you may need help with your mortgage, the sooner in the process you get help, the greater chance you have to change it.  For more information, go to  
Voter ID & Recall Elections:  The Voter ID law in not in effect—for now.   Two Dane County Circuit Court Judges ruled the law unconstitutional.  The State Supreme Court has taken it up and is expected to rule soon. Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, the recall is a go:  May 8th is the governor primary, and June 5th is the governor general election.  
Thanks again for all your support!  Contact me with any thoughts, by email at or by cell at 658-7333.

-----------  END of the April 2, Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood e-News   -----------
                     Thanks for reading.

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