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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Night work/Lumley detour


From Sarah Justus, American Transmission Company.  

She notes that there will be overnight work to finish the work on the pole just west of the Seminole Highway overpass.  This will mean a detour onto Lumley tonight.  She also answers questions she didn’t have information on during last night’s neighborhood meeting.

Thanks for the invitation to last night’s meeting.  I have some follow up to several of the questions with one still outstanding.  Please note in particular that the next overnight work in the area is happening tonight.  Please do what you can to help share information with residents in the area, particularly on Lumley Road.  I apologize for the short notice but in following up with the request I became aware of it this morning.
Overnight Work – There is work scheduled overnight tonight (April 5) to finish off the pole just west of the Seminole Highway overpass.  It will last one night.  There is one more pole a bit further to the west that will require overnight work but it is on hold for now.  I will follow up when that is scheduled.  My apologies for the short notice.  As I noted last night, we have no choice but to work within the hours that DOT will allow us to.  When work requires the shutting of a ramp of frontage road they require that be done overnight to reduce impact to traffic and Madison Metro bus routes.  The majority of our work is being done during daytime hours.
Concern for shredded material remaining near Arboretum – I confirmed with our contractor, Asplundh Co, that the mulch and shredded branches that remain in the area that was cleared outside the Arboretum fence does not pose a fire hazard.  Much like putting mulch around a newly planted tree, it will retain moisture and decompose quickly to help establish regrowth of native grasses.
Question about wires near Day Care facility - I looked at the location of the facility and am assuming the question was in reference to the former St Vincent DePaul building at 4293 W Beltline Hwy.  If that is the correct location, the wires cross over the frontage road in that area and are not over the building or parking lot.
I will follow up in a separate email regarding the request for the decibel number for the discussion of corona, or audible noise.  Thank you for your assistance in sharing information.  If there are other outstanding questions I’ve forgotten, please let me know.
Sarah Justus
Local Relations Manager
American Transmission Co.

Passed on to you by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association
Mary Mullen, DMNA Communications

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