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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DMNA - Art, Highways, Council

November 18, 2014

The DMN e-News and an occasional hard copy DMN News are published by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association (DMNA) on an “as-needed” schedule.  The Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, Inc. has been working to unite neighbors to solve mutual problems and promote fellowship among neighbors since 1973.  Our neighborhood is in Madison & Fitchburg.
               President & News contact:  Mary Mullen,  298-0843
               Website: <>
             On Facebook:   
Type Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association into the search box.
                                   CALENDAR  (# = article)
TUE., Nov. 18 ,  2 pm - MOSAIC  TRAINING WORKSHOP for  Mosaic Murals,
4269 W Beltline Hy., Suite B
(corner of Danbury and Beltline Frontage Road), #1

WED., Nov. 19 - BELTLINE INFO MEETING, 2:30-4:30 pm (presentation at 3:00 pm) & 5:00-8:00 pm (presentation at 6:00 pm), Boys & Girls Club, 4619 Jenewein, #2
WED., Nov. 19,  5 pm
- MOSAIC  TRAINING WORKSHOP for  Mosaic Murals, 4269 W Beltline Hy., Suite B
SAT., Nov. 22,  10:30 am - MOSAIC  TRAINING WORKSHOP for  Mosaic Murals  "   "        "     "        "     "
Every TUE and WED, Nov. 25 & 26 thru Feb. 25 & 26, OPEN MOSAIC WORKSHOP  for Mosaic Murals, These murals will  be located on curved display walls on the path up to the ped/bike bridge over the Beltline near Whenona/Britta/Axel.
TUE., Nov. 25, 2-5 pm - OPEN MOSAIC WORKSHOP  for Mosaic Murals, 4269 W Beltline Hy., Ste B, #1
WED. Nov. 26, 5-8 pm - OPEN MOSAIC WORKSHOP  for Mosaic Murals,      "   "       "       "       "       "
                                     and continuing in this pattern through February
                          but NOT on  Wed., Christmas Eve or Wed., New Year’s Eve
THUR. Dec. 11, , 7 pm - DMNA Council Meeting, Prairie UU Society, 2010 Whenona Dr.

WED. Dec. 10 , 5-8 pm - OPEN MOSAIC WORKSHOP  for Mosaic Murals, 4269 W Beltline Hy., Ste B, #1
TUE., Dec. 16 , 2-5 pm -  OPEN MOSAIC WORKSHOP  for Mosaic Murals,     "   "       "       "       "        "
WED. Dec. 17 , 5-8 pm - OPEN MOSAIC WORKSHOP  for Mosaic Murals,      "   "       "       "       "        "                                                  and continuing in this pattern through February, but NOT on  Wed., Christmas Eve or Wed., New Year’s Eve

Thurs., Dee. 18 , 5:30- 7:30 pm - VERONA ROAD OPEN HOUSE MEETING, Fitchburg Fire Station #2, 5415 King James Way
       ARTICLES (written by Mary Mullen unless indicated otherwise)

1 - Dunn’s Marsh Mosaic Mural Making Workshops Begin 11/18.  FREE!
2 - DOT to Hold Meetings on Beltline Study, 11/19, B&G Club
3 - Fitchburg Green Opportunities
4 - Alternate Side Winter Parking Rules, Nov. 15-March 15   
5 - DMNA Council Elects Officers, Gets New Council Member
       (Attachment: “1 DMNA map w labels.jpg”)
6 - Get to Know Your Neighborhood Council
7 - Voter Turnout High in Neighborhood Despite Road Construction
(Attachment:  “2 pics pollworkers.jpg”)                               
8 - Painted Mural at B&G Club Does More Than Dress Up the Hall
(Attachment: “3 B&G Club mural.jpg”)
9 - Verona Road Construction to Wrap Up:  What to Expect
10 - See Charts of Madison West District Police Responses in October



1 - The Dunn’s Marsh Mosaic Mural Making Workshops Begin 11/18.  FREE!
from Marcia Yapp, Mosaic Artist

Beginning the week of November 17th, I will be holding three Mosaic Training Workshops. Each of these three Workshops will cover the project’s goals, a short exercise on collaboration, and lessons on working with the mosaic materials.  If you are interested in an opportunity to become familiar with the materials we’ll be using during the creation of the Dunn’s Marsh Mosaic Project, feel free to attend any one of the three Workshops listed below (all three Workshops are identical—you need only attend one).

Mosaic Training Workshop dates and times:
Tuesday, Nov. starting at 2:00 PM
Wednesday, Nov. 19 starting at 5:00 PM                            
Saturday, Nov. 22 starting at 10:30 AM  

Please try to arrive within the first half hour so you can participate in the entire training session.  Parking on site is limited to three spaces only—please park on Danbury St. if three spots are already taken.
Starting Nov. 25, and running all the way to the end of February, Open Mosaic Workshops will be held every Tuesday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM and every Wednesday from 5:00 PM to 8:00PM.
Additionally, a Saturday workshop will be held once a month—dates to be determined.

If you can’t make it to one of the three Mosaic Training Workshops listed above, you are still more than welcome to join us for the weekly Open Mosaic Workshops where you’ll be taught the techniques necessary for helping create this wonderful community mosaic project!
The workshops will be held at 4269 W Beltline Highway, Suite B.  (Corner of Danbury and Frontage Road).  

This project is another wonderful way for community members to work together.  Please invite your friends and neighbors to help create these beautiful murals inspired by the Dunn's Marsh Community.
Hope to see you there!!!

2 - DOT to Hold Meetings on Beltline Study, 11/19, B&G Club
from Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

The Department of Transportation has scheduled a series of public involvement meetings to discuss preliminary findings of a study working on safety and mobility issues along the Beltline. Preliminary findings from study will be presented at the meeting.
Many of the strategies have been investigated in the past 10 years by the city, county, and state, official said.  The new study looks at how well strategies address current regional transportation and Beltline challenges.
Strategies that will be presented at the meetings include:
  • Bus Rapid Transit
  • Potential Rail Options
  • Additional Beltline Buses
  • A North Mendota Corridor
  • A South Reliever Corridor
  • Beltline Improvements

“We encourage the public to attend a meeting to learn abou the preliminary findings and provide us with insights and feedback about this important corridor,” WisDOT project manager Larry Barta said in the release.”  It’s important to note that these are not the final recommendations: rather, these are preliminary findings that we want feedback on as we continue to refine our work in advance of the environmental impact study.”
Some meetings have been held already, but information will be presented at [several] additional meetings.

Wed., Nov. 19 - Boys & Girls Club Gym, 4619 Jenewein Road, Fitchburg
·     2:30-4:30 pm, with a presentation at 3:00 pm
·     5:30-8:00 pm, with a presentation at 6:00 pm
Mon., Dec. 1 - Glacial Drumlin Middle School Cafeteria, 801 Damascus Trail, Cottage Grove
·      5:30-8:00 pm
·      Presentation at 6:00 pm
Wed., Dec. 3 - Centro Hispano of Dane County,  810 W. Badger Road
·      5:30-8:00 pm
·      Presentation at 6:00 pm
3 - Fitchburg Green Opportunities
           from Fitchburg Public Works Dept.
1. Fitchburg Green Thursday Films
Thursday, Dec. 4, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Fitchburg Public Library – Room A/B
December’s Green Thursday film, Unwasted: The Future of Business on Earth, details the impacts of business waste, discusses zero waste as a key element of the sustainable business model, and covers ideas for sustainable business practices.
2. Fitchburg Farmer’s Market Moves Indoors
The Fitchburg Farmer’s Market moves indoors this Thursday, Nov. 6th from 3:00-6:00 p.m. just up the hill to the Fitchburg Community Center, 5510 Lacy Road. Fall favorites and summer staples are still available at the market through December.
3. Recycle Old Holiday Lights at City Hall
If you find some dead strings of holiday lights while decorating for the holiday season, you can now bring them to Fitchburg City Hall for recycling between November 3, 2014 and January 30, 2015. A special cart is now available 24 hours/day in the City Hall Lobby, 5520 Lacy Road. Fitchburg residents can drop off non-working holiday light strings and extension cords for recycling.  Residents must remove any bulbs larger than marble-size and recycle those separately at participating stores.
4 - Alternate Side Winter Parking Rules, Nov. 15-March 15
                                   from the City of Madison website

Don't let the snow lead to a ticket or a tow. Here are few things you need to know to AVOID a ticket or a tow:

  • Alternate Side Parking is in effect city-wide with the exception of the Snow Emergency Zone <>   (unless there is a Declared Snow Emergency <> ). The Snow Emergency Zone is only in the downtown area from the vicinity of the Kohl Center to Tenney Park.
  • Alternate Side Parking is in effect from November 15 - March 15, seven days a week, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Park on the EVEN house numbered side of the street on even numbered days from 1 am-7am.
  • Park on the ODD house numbered side of the street on odd numbered days from 1am-7am.
  • Violations of the Alternate Side Parking rules are subject to a fine of $20 when a Snow Emergency has NOT been declared.
  • Violations of the Alternate Side Parking rules are subject to a fine of $60 when a Snow Emergency HAS BEEN declared.  Plus you will have to pay a $50 towing fee.


5 - DMNA Council Elects Officers, Gets New Council Member  
       (Attachment: “1 DMNA map w labels.jpg”)

At its organizational meeting on November 13, the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Council elected officers for the year and also appointed Joe Maldonado as the 11th Council member.
Three officers agreed to stay on for another year, and a new secretary was elected as shown below.
President Mary Mullen, 4337 Milford Rd., 298-0843, <> (Marlborough area)
Vice President Tony Williams, (Crawford area)
Secretary Karen Walters, 274-4673, (Belmar area)
Treasurer Yannette Cole,  (Marlborough area)
 Mary Mullen and Yannette Cole live in the Marlborough part of the neighborhood.  Tony Williams lives in the Crawford area, and Karen Walters lives in the Belmar area.
The DMNA Council may have a total of 12 members. Since just 10 were elected at the annual meeting on October 9, the last 2 members may be appointed.  One must represent the Allied area since all 4 parts of the neighborhood have the right to at least one place on the Council, and all the other areas are already represented.
Happily, Joe Maldonado, a Belmar resident for a number of years, agreed to serve on the Council.  Dorothy Krause, previously on the Council, declined continuing  to encourage Joe’s election.  We are very glad to have him, and since he works at the Boys and Girls Club, we hope he can recruit someone from the Allied area to fill out our complete quota of Council members.
The attached map shows the different areas of the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood.

6 - Get to Know Your Neighborhood Council

They joked about getting the “green card” at the organizational meeting of the 2014-2015 Neighborhood Council meeting on November 13.  No, it wasn’t the immigrant’s green card that makes it legal to work in the U.S.  Instead it was a lime green card tent card that listed all the topics to cover when each Council member did a self-introduction.
And it really worked.  Even though some of us have known each other for years, new things came out.
For example:
·     Most were born and grew up in another state or had lived in another state for an extended time.
·     One had lived overseas in Frankfurt, Germany and London, England.
·     At least 3 had moved from their home area to come to a better place to bring up their kids.
·     Six of the 8 who checked in have kids, though some of those kids are grown.
·     Many occupations are represented.
In short, we are a group with lots of experiences and, of course, the desire to make the neighborhood the best it can be. First to be introduced are the four DMNA Council members at the 11/13/14 meeting who are not officers.  Ann Marie  Hughes and Joe Maldonado are new this year.
Thea Bach, formerly our secretary and a member of the Council since 2011, is one of the 2 Council members born in Chicago.  Her father moved from there to the northwest Chicago suburbs so as not to be in a gang.  Dubuque was her home for some years since she’s been married, but she has lived in Madison with her husband John for quite a while. (John was on the Council in 2010-2011.) Thea is an LPN but in the past has been a social worker.  She’s an optimistic person, an “includer,” who likes to bike, hike, read, and sew.  Thea, John, and their young, rambunctious dog live at 1905 Danbury Street.  Thea’s interest is to form a positive community here.
Ann Marie Hughes, elected for the first time to the Council this fall, hails from Brooklyn, New York.  Her husband, a union stone setter, often has stone work in New York, and in fact has worked on the World Trade Center there. She’s the one who has also lived in Frankfurt and London.  Like Thea, Ann Marie has lived in Dubuque.  Ann Marie and her husband have 3 children, Teddy, age 12, Finbar, age 15, at home, and her daughter Kayleigh, who at age 19, has flown the coop.  The community is a strong interest of hers.  She also likes to write.  Ann Marie lives in the Marlborough part of the neighborhood.  You’ll learn that she’s no wall flower.
Denise Williams, from Chicago like Thea, grew up in the Robert Taylor projects.  Not so jokingly, she said she left because of the rats. In 1999, like Tony, she moved to Madison for the good of her son.  Currently Denise is employed at Einstein’s in the neighborhood. She loves working with kids and she loves to cook.  She joined the DMNA Council last year “to be with my husband” Tony.  They were married in 2011.  Denise is in her second year on the Council.
Joe Maldonado is our newest member of the Council. Puerto Rican, he grew up on the north side of  Milwaukee which he described as “very segregated” compared to Madison where there are pockets of minorities.  He’s lived in several places in or close to our neighborhood: PD until his apartment building burned, Crescent Road in our neighborhood, and now in the Renaissance part of Belmar.  He works at the Boys and Girls Club with pre-college kids as the Teens of Promise College Continuation Manager.  Joe loves the diversity of the neighborhood.  Biking, gardening, and cooking are favorite pasttimes. He has a chicken (used to have more) and a garden.  His son, age 8, does drumline with fellow DMNA Council member Karen Walter’s daughter.  His wife is from the Dominican Republic.  Regarding why he is joining the Council/DMNA, he said he believes that “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”  We are very happy to have him at the table with us.
Vice President Tony Williams started out in Evanston, IL but moved in 1992 to Madison to give his kids better opportunities in life.  His girl and 2 boys are now grown and positively involved in careers or preparation for careers.  One boy is an engineeer, another working to be a professor, while his daughter is in nursing.  Tony is a retired security officer, having been the CEO of Top Flight Security which often did security for parades that included important officials. His life has taken a turn: having got involved with Second Baptist here in the neighborhood about 7 years ago, he’s gone from being a student to a deacon and is now a pastor in training.  Still, fishing and watching TV are favorite pasttimes. Tony remarked that in his 11 years on Britta Parkway, he’s seen a tremendous shift for the worse that he wants to reverse.  Tony is in his second year on the Council.
Karen Walters is one of two native Wisconsinites: she was born in Green Bay.  However, she went to college in Massachusetts and has lived in a lot of different places in Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Beaver Dam, and Waupun. Karen works for the State of Wisconsin in Corrections.  For fun she paints, stitches, and cooks.  She has a 14-year-old daughter and lives in the Belmar part of the neighborhood.  Like Tony, Denise, Yannette, and two other members of the Council, Karen is starting her second year on the Council.
Treasurer Yannette Cole has lived 18 years in Madison and was the first of 3 sisters to move here from Puerto Rico.  She and her husband Jesse have a son Jesse who graduated from West High last spring and is now out on his own. Yannettte works for a private medical firm that provides alternate cancer treatment.  She loves her job working with their computer system churning out reports.   She also loves photography although she has not done much lately. That’s not true of another major interest, cooking.  Cooking creatively is a constant activity.  Yannette and her husband bought a house in Puerto Rico this past year.  We hope she plans to stay here for a long time, regardless of that purchase.  Yannette jokes that she was “forced to join the DMNA Council”  last year. Hmmmm.  By whom?  Maybe her sister Heidi who is also on the Council?
President Mary Mullen comes from the small town of Wauzeka in southwestern Wisconsin where she grew up with 6 younger siblings.  Her father was a minister and her mother a former missionary.  Mary went to college in Naperville, IL, moving into the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood in Madison early in 1963 after a few months living in Barneveld where she taught high school English and German. Since then except for 4 years when she lived on Seminole Highway in Nakoma she’s been in the Marlborough part of the neighborhood, first on Windflower Way and then on Milford Road.  She has also worked for the State of Wisconsin and for 13 years taught fourth grade at Brooklyn Elementary School in the Oregon School Distsrict, retiring in 2005.  She and 3 other neighborhood women started the DMNA in 1973 after the Madison alder and the county supervisor suggested they establish a homeowner’s association to support their candidacy.  Having been a member of the League of Women Voters, she knew it would be the kiss of death to form a neighborhood association simply to support a candidate.  The group of 4 women also decided that the DMNA should be open to all residents of the neighborhood - homeowners and renters alike. Mary loves to garden, plays in a women’s folk band, and belongs to a memoir writing group that meets at the Meadowood Community Center.
Next time, we’ll hope to hear from Lucy Blue, Heidi Figueroa, and Rachel Potter.

7 - Voter Turnout High in Neighborhood Despite Road Construction
(Attachment:  “2 pics pollworkers.jpg”)

Election turnout on November 4 was high at the Ward 76 polls for the Madison part of the neighborhood.   Turnout even beat the city average!  
While the city average was 69%,  our ward’s turnout was 70.8%. Congratulations to us.  But we could still improve.  Ward 80, the polls at Midvale School, had a 91.9% turnout.  For citywide statistics, see
At the Ward 76 polls in our neighborhood, these were the results on the tabulator tape.  629 ballots were cast including absentee ballots. Originally in the poll book there were 886 registered voters listed. 152 voters registered at the polls. Some of these were in the poll book but had moved within the neighborhood.

In all cases, the Democratic candidates came out way ahead of the other candidates. Here are some of the statistics from the tabulator (machine that counts the votes). For Governor: Mary Burke 566 (90.4%) Scott Walker 55, Robert Burke 5. For Attorney General: Susan Happ 542 (88.3%), Brad Schimel 58, Thomas Nelson 14. For Secretary of State: Doug LaFollette 543 (89.2%), Julian Bradley 48, others 18.
All referenda passed in our ward with the following results.  Statewide referendum on protecting the Transportation Fund through a constitutional amendment: Yes 419 (71.2%), No 165. County question on raising the minimum wage to $10.10: Yes 544 (88.6%), No 70. County question about accepting federal money for BadgerCare health insurance: Yes 575 (94.7%), No 32.
8 - Painted Mural at B&G Club Does More Than Dress Up the Hall
(Attachment: “3 B&G Club mural.jpg”)

A few weeks ago I had a reason to be in the Boys and Girls Club.  When I walked into the hallway, I couldn’t believe the transformation from the previous time I’d been there.
Replacing the boring pale yellow institutional cement-block wall was a bright and vibrant mural.  The mural shows many activities that take place in the neighborhood:  basketball to biking, jump rope to barbequeing, graduation to gardening.  Specific locations are shown too:  the basketball court, but also the Boys and Girls Club and the Revival Ridge apartments.  All is set against rolling golden hills with paths leading from one activity area to another.  The Capitol rises behind a group of graduates.
I was reminded of the designs for one of the 4 mosaic murals that will be made in the Dunn’s Marsh neighborhood during the next few months.  Those murals will be put together by residents - including YOU, if you get yourself up to workshop session.   They will be placed on the path up to the ped/bike bridge.  (Did you read article #1 announcing the training and subsequent open workshops that begin today?)
Enjoy the collaged photo of the mural which is attached.  Better yet, go over and see this colorful mural.
The muralist is the local artist Sharon Kilfoy who is the Director of the Williamson Street Art Center.  She’s done a lot of murals in Madison, many in schools. Usually she has involved the community in the production.  I’m looking to find out more about how the B&G Club mural came about.
9 - Verona Road Construction to Wrap Up:  What to Expect

With Verona Road construction about to wrap up for the season, what can we expect for winter traffic patterns?  Here’s a digest based on the November 17-21 “Weekly Construction Update.”
Frontage Roads
1.  On our side of Verona Road the Beltline Frontage Road that has been closed for a long time between Whenona Drive and Britta Parkway (at Einstin’s) should be OPEN before November 21.   WHOOPIE!
2.  On the other side of Verona Road, the Verona Road West Frontage Road between  Freeport Road and Home Depot, will be CLOSED to through traffic until spring 2015.  Traffic can continue to use the Freeport Connection (the temporary road under Verona Road near Allied Drive)  to go to Raymond Road and can use the roundabout to get to U-Haul, Home Depot and points toward the Beltline.
1. On the Beltline, eastbound between Whitney Way and Seminole Highway, traffic will remain shifted to the right shoulder on narrow lanes as at present all winter until Spring 2015.
2. On the Beltline, westbound between Verona Road and Whitney Way, traffic will remain shifted to the right shoulder on narrow lanes until Spring 2016.

10 - See Charts of Madison West District Police Responses in October

The Madison West District Police Blotter notes that MPD officers responded to 4,190 incidents in the district in October.  This is an average of 135 incidents a day.
Peak incidents are around 4 to 5 p.m. January-November calls are up from 37,798 in 2103 to 40,994 in 2014, an increase of 3,196.  Wednesday through Friday are the bigger days
To see the charts, go to
The West District is a very large district that includes the Madison part of our neighborhood.
--- End of the 11/18/14 DUNN’S MARSH NEIGHBORHOOD e-NEWS ---
                                             Thanks for reading.

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