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Monday, November 3, 2014

Polls OPEN, N'hood News

November 3, 2014

The DMN e-News and an occasional hard copy DMN News are published by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association (DMNA) on an “as-needed” schedule.  The Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, Inc. has been working to unite neighbors to solve mutual problems and promote fellowship among neighbors since 1973.  Our neighborhood is in Madison & Fitchburg.
               President & News contact:  Mary Mullen,  298-0843
               Website: <>
             On Facebook:   
Type Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association into the search box.

Tues., Nov. 3 - VOTE.  VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.  VOTE.   7 am-8 pm.  #1-4.
Thur., Nov. 13 - DMNA Council Meeting, 7:00 pm, Prairie UU Society.
1 - Madison Polling Place Driveways Are Open!!!! Address is 4709 Verona Rd.
2 - Yes, You Can Get to the Polls From Here!  
(Attachments:  “1 map Madison polls route to vote.jpg” & “2 map Fitchburg polls.jpg)
2a - Free Rides From a Neighbor, Ask for Ward 76 Driver, 729-3869
2b -  Free Rides To or From the Polls With Union Cab, 242-2000
3 - Tuesday’s Ballot. Know Before You Go.
4 - Candidate and Referenda Information Available Online
5 - Who Was There:  Garden Mosaic Project Celebration
(Attachments: “3 pic garden mosaic celebration.jpg” & “4 pics in the neighborhood.jpg”)
6 - Graffiti Complaint Brings Speedy Response
7 - Street Light Fixed After Call to MG&E
8 - Take Madison West Police District Community Survey Online


1 - Madison Polling Place Driveways Are Open!!!!  Address is 4709 Verona Rd.

The road was all torn up and both driveways to the Madison polling place at 4709 Verona Road at the Dane County Parent Council were blocked. That fact generated a spate of communications to our elected officials and the supervisor of the Verona Road project.

We have been assured by everyone including Madison City Clerk, Maribeth Witzel-Behl and the Project Engineer for the Verona Road project that we will be able to get to the building to vote on Tuesday, November 4.  As of 9:00 pm, November 3, the route was finally open even though with all the orange barrels everywhere, driving there was intimidating.   Look for big blue “VOTE” signs that will direct voters to the location.

Here’s the e-mail from the Madison City Clerk that was sent out to the DMNA Neighborhood Council on October 28.

The polling place for Ward 76 at 4709 Verona Road will be open for the November 4 election.  

To access your polling place by car:
« The driveway along Verona Road frontage road will be open

« The driveway along Red Arrow Trail will be open

To access your polling place as a pedestrian:
«  The sidewalks around the polling place will be open

Look for the blue Vote signs that the city will put up next Tuesday.  Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
If you have any questions, please contact the Madison City Clerk’s office at or 266-4601.
Please note that voters who live in the Fitchburg part of the neighborhood must go to Fitchburg Fire Station #2, 5415 King James Way.

2. Yes, You CAN Get to the Polls From Here!  
(Attachments:  “1 map Madison polls route to vote,” & “2 map Fitchburg polls)

The big Verona Road change-over took place over the weekend.  The change requires that Madison voters use the roundabout under Verona Road to get to the polls at 4709 Verona Road.  It also requires Fitchburg voters to use that same roundabout to get to the polls at 5415 King James Way although in a slightly different way.  More roundabout, you might say.
Well, not exactly true.  You can go a more roundabout way (pun intended) to the Madison polls by using Seminole Highway, Sentinel Pass, and Red Arrow Trail.  And you can get to the Fitchburg voting location by going out Seminole and then PD.
4709 Verona (frontage) Road is the Dane County Parent Council Building just across Red Arrow Trail from MacDonald’s. Driveways enter this location from both Red Arrow Trail and the Verona (frontage) Road.  It’s a low building that was once a Pizza Hut (or was it Pizza Pit?).  5415 King James Way is Fitchburg Fire Station #2.  Get there via PD west, then (after crossing 18/151) right on Kapec Road, and right again on King James Way.
Madison voters may want to consult the attached map “1 map Madison polls route to vote.jpg” which shows the whole route from Britta Parkway to 4709 Verona Road.   Fitchburg voters may want to look at “2 map Fitchburg polls.jpg.”
Polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.  If there’s a line 8 p.m., all voters in line at that time may vote.  

2a -- Free Rides From a Neighbor, Ask for Ward 76 Driver, 729-3869
If you need a ride to the polls in our neighborhood, the quickest service would probably be from neighbors Sunshine Jones and JoAnn Kelley.  
To secure a ride from one of them, call 729-3869, and ask for a ride for a driver for Ward 76.    This is the number for one of the campaigns, but if you ask for the drivers for Ward 76, you will be referred to Sunshine or JoAnn.

2b -  Free Rides To or From the Polls With Union Cab, 242-2000
Union Cab also offers free rides, but the wait could possibly be longer.  Union Cab can take wheelchairs.  Here’s information from the Union Cab website.

If transportation or mobility issues may make it difficult getting to the polls, let us help!  Union Cab wants to make sure that each and every vote gets counted by offering free cab rides between your home and your local polling place.  Our taxis and accessible vans* will be available to serve you while polls are open**.
Making an advanced reservation for your ride will help with timely transportation, but on-demand service will also be available whenever you are ready.  Please make sure you allow plenty of time for wait and travel to and from the polls; it's going to be a busy day and we will be serving as many people as we can.
*Accessible service may have a 30 – 60 minute wait.  Please schedule service at least a day in advance, if possible.
**Free service to the polls will end 30 minutes before the polls close.  If you are already at your polling place and need a ride home, the free service will still be available.
This is a non-partisan effort on the part of Union Cab. Our interest is to help people in our community exercise their right to vote. People who need transportation to their polling place will only need to call 242-2000. Rides will be provided between a person’s polling place and their home address.
                                                                       information is from the Union Cab website

3 - Tuesday’s Ballot.  Know Before You Go.

Know what’s on the ballot before you go to the polls.   Besides candidates, there are 3 questions (referenda) that ask for a YES or NO vote.
If  you check the ballot, and you aren’t sure of how you want to vote or want to know more about the candidates or referenda, there are places to find additional information.  Read the next article for those URLs.
(In case, for some reason, the sample ballot doesn’t show up on your computer, go to and follow the links to see the ballot that applies to you.)

Sample Ballot  - NOV 2014 - 2   
         MARY BURKE/JOHN LEHMAN (Democratic)   
         DENNIS FEHR/No Candidate (Peoples Party)   
         ROBERT BURKE/JOSEPH M. BROST (Libertarian)   
         SUSAN V. HAPP (Democratic)   
         BRAD SCHIMEL (Republican)   
         THOMAS A. NELSON, SR. (Libertarian)   
         DOUG LA FOLLETTE (Democratic)   
         JULIAN BRADLEY (Republican)   
         JERRY BROITZMAN (Constitution)   
         ANDY CRAIG (Libertarian)   
         DAVID L. SARTORI (Democratic)   
         MATT ADAMCZYK (Republican)   
         ANDREW ZUELKE (Constitution)   
         RON HARDY (Wisconsin Green Party)   
         JERRY SHIDELL (Libertarian)   
         MARK POCAN (Democratic)   
         PETER THERON (Republican)   
    (Madison voters) ASSEMBLY - DISTRICT 77 - VOTE FOR ONE   
       TERESE BERCEAU (Democratic) (Fitchburg voters) ASSEMBLY - DISTRICT 47 - VOTE FOR ONE   
          ROBB KAHL (Democratic)            PHILLIP ANDERSON (Libertarian)   
         DAVID J MAHONEY (Democratic)   
         CARLO ESQUEDA (Democratic)   
         QUESTION 1: "Creation of a Transportation Fund. Shall section 9 (2) of article IV and section 11 of article VIII of the constitution be created to require that revenues generated by use of the state transportation system be deposited into a transportation fund administered by a department of transportation for the exclusive purpose of funding Wisconsin’s transportation systems and to prohibit any transfers or lapses from this fund?” YES ___ NO ____   
         "Should the State of WIsconsin increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour?" Yes ________________ No _________________   
         "Shall the next Governor and State Legislature accept available federal funds for BadgerCare to ensure that thousands of Wisconsin citizens have access to quality and affordable health coverage?" Yes ________________ No _________________   
4 - Candidate and Referenda Information Available On-line

1. Balletopedia website <>
On this site you can see photos of most of the candidates and also look deeper into their background and accomplishments by clicking on the Ballotopedia Profile which is under the photo of the candidate. In cases where the candidate is already an elected official, the profile may refer readers to legislative scorecards put out by various organizations
I also found the best in-depth discussion of the state referendum about creating a Transportation Fund as part of the Wisconsin constitution.  The direct URL for that discussion and list of state legislators favoring or opposing it is: <,_Question_1_%282014%29>
Another good information source for the Transportation referendum is <>
This site does not include the 2 Dane County referendum questions.
2. League of Women Voters Candidates’ Answers
This site does contain a discussion of the Dane County referenda about increasing the minimum wage and accepting federal funds for BadgerCare health insurance.  The direct URL for these discussion is

5 - Who Was There:  Garden Mosaic Project Celebration
(Attachments:  “3 pic garden mosaic celebration.jpg” & “ 4 pics in the neighborhood.jpg”)

Breathe a sign of relief.  The Marlborough  Community Garden Mosaic Stepping Stone project is not only complete, but it has been celebrated.  A group of about 40 people gathered at 10 a.m. at the “Marlborough Community Garden” sign to celebrate the completion of the project and take a bow.
The celebration started and ended with music by Inna Larsen and Mary Mullen from the women’s folk band Dark of the Moon Contra-Band. In between, people learned about the cost and about all who made the project possible.   
Two-thirds of the cash  outlay came from the Madison Arts Commission.  It was  the  $918 grant obtained by the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association.  The grant will be paid once the final report and evaluations have been turned in to the city.  Marlborough Community Garden put in all the front money ($918) that will be reimbursed by the grant plus $491 in match cash expenditures. Volunteer hours to make and install the 60 stepping stones amounted to over $4,000-worth of time.  Quite the bargain for the city of Madison, as Alder Maurice Cheeks remarked.
Here’s how the work hours were distributed:
·      6/24/14 - 8 people were trained in mosaic design & creation = 20 hours
·      7/15/14 - 10 people were trained in mortaring & grouting = 15 3/4 hours
·      7/17/14 - 31 people participated in making mosaics + about 10 children participated in childcare activities including mosiac work with rounded glass/tiles  = 71 ½ hours
·      7/19/14 - 40  people participated in making mosaics + about 10 children participated in childcare activities including mosiac work with rounded glass/tiles = 125 hours
·      7/24/14 - 30 people participated in grouting and polishing mosiacs or preparing for grouting =  65 hours
·      8/23/14 - 30 people participated in installing the numbered tiles  = 38 ½ hours
·      9/20/14 - 10 people participated in installing the sign = 30 ¾ hours
·      10/25/14 - 2 band members = ½ hour
Volunteer time enumerated above does not include any of the time for preparing the grant, going to meetings, administrative time during the grant period, or any of the mowing to prepare for setting of the stones that was also volunteer work.  The volunteers who spent many hours preparing the application for the grant and going to meetings were Christina Kantor, Micah Kloppenburg, and Mary Mullen.  Mowing was done by Mark Selleck and Tom Hungerford.
Recognition was given to organizations and individuals. Underlined people were present at the celebration.
  1. Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association - The DMNA Council approved applying for the grant and many people  helped deliver flyers announcing the project workdays.  Council members are Mary Mullen, Tony Williams, Denise Williams, Karen Walters, Yannette Cole, Heidi Figueroa, Lucy Blue, Rachel Potter, Dorothy Krause.  Nine people delivered the flyers:   Donna Sarafin, Thea Bach, Tony Williams, Kim Zinski,  Mary Somers, Elvice McAlpine, Rachel Potter, Pam Flinn, and Julie Lyne
  2. Madison Arts Commission made the grant available and funded the full amount that was asked for -$918.   Leslie Nelson came to the celebration
  3. Madison Board of Park Commissioners - Approved the project.
  4. Marlborough Garden Management Committee (a) approved of the project, (b) provided all the matching funds (c) did mailing (d)  served as the core group to help with the workshops including attending training workshops prior to the ones for all on July 17, 19, 24, (e) helped with installation.  Attending from the committee were Micah Kloppenburg (helped with the grant application process, provided translation at both mosaic workshops), Charlotte Spors (childcare on July 17 & 19), Angelica Munoz (translation at workshops, sign installation) & her daughter Adriana (mortaring and translation at workshops) and son Daniel (digging for the garden sign),  Mary Mullen (helped at all the workshops and installation days and took pictures).  Although she isn’t officially on the management committee, Patty Stockdale is also recognized as part of this group since she removes the garden garbage and recyclables every week and  helped at all the workshops and installation days.   James Luscher is also a member of the committee (mortaring on July 17 & 19), but did not attend the ceremony.
  5. Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association served as our fiscal agent because the Dunn’s Marsh NA does not have the required tax status.  Special thanks to Dudgeon Monroe President Al Nettleton and Treasurer Julia Billingham.
  6. Evaluators:  Marcia Yapp,  Denise Jess,  and Elizabeth Doyle
  7. Alder:  Maurice Cheeks

People were also recognized as individuals for their work.   
  1. First of all, our community artist, Christina Kantor, who helped write the grant, got all the materials together, conducted training workshops as well as the ones where we created 60 stepping stones and grouted them.  Christina said in an e-mail,  “I wish I could attend.  The only words I would say about the workshops are that I found people's willingness to jump in and try something new, and their creativity, very inspiring.  The workshops were a lot of work but SO enjoyable because of the energy of the participants!”  
  2. All those who made a stepping stone or helped in hauling them from the shelter to the shed on July 17 or July 19 and all those who helped grout or polish the stones on July 24 or did childcare.    Attendance was 40 on July 17, 50 on July 19, and 30 on July 24.  Attending from this group were Juan Salgado Soto and his children Jacqueline & Michael, Charlotte Spors, Patty Stockdale, Jo Kelley, Mary Mullen, Leah Hungerford, Katherine Vanderbilt, Ben Benedetti, Sharon Flinn, Pam Flinn, Barbara Park, Talina Lopez and daughter Patricia Vera, Angélica Muñoz with daughter Adriana.
  3. Those who helped set the number stones on August 24 or mowed the grass prior to that day.  Mark Selleck & Tom Hungerford mowed.  30 people installed the mosaics.  Several of the people who did this were named in the previous list.  Hipolito Ocotl was present from this group and wasn’t named above.
  4. Those  who helped with sign installation on September 20 or did prep before.  Mark Selleck & Tom Hungerford mowed.  Kent Seeker was our carpenter and also secured the lumber and made the little marker fence and generally oversaw the  project.  Other helpers with digging, hauling dirt and gravel, tamping, setting stones:   Tom Hungerford,  Patty Stockdale, Angélica Muñoz & son Daniel, Mary Mullen, Taylor Wahlig, Ashley Korchyk, Rachel Potter, and Phillip Meier.  We ranged from age 7 through age 80.  Especially important were the  3 men who worked all day on the project and actually were the ones who set the stones:  Kent Seeker, Tom Hungerford, and Phillip Meier.
  5. Finishing touches between Sept. 23 & 26.  Kent Seeker (fenceposts), Tim Brennan (Midwest Decorative Stone applied polymeric sand), Mary Mullen (applied polymeric sand, polished mosaics,  backfilled edge of sign).

 Be sure to look at the two attachments.  The group photo is labeled with each attendee’s name.

6 - Graffiti Complaint Brings Speedy Response
It was quite a shock to ride up to the Badger State Trail bridge on October 30 and find the approach to the bridge including the wooden railings covered with graffiti:  dirty words, dirty drawings, gang graffiti, and more. This nasty spray-painted trash “decorated” both ends of the bridge.  Fortunately, I had my camera and took pictures.  None of them are fit to print in this newsletter.
Whom should I contact?  Two people came to mind, City of Madison bike facility engineer Tony Fernandez and Bill Hauda, President of the Friends of the Badger State Trail. I sent my photos to them. In no time, actually less than an hour, I had received replies and copies of their forwarded inquiries and responses.  Within the hour I found out who would be responsible for obliterating this rude tagging.  It is Dana White-Quam of DNR.
Thanks to everyone who responded.  I’m impressed.  Has anyone been out there in the last few days to check if the situation is remedied?

7 - Street Light Fixed After Call to MG&E
In the October 22 e-News I reported using Madison’s Report a Problem website to notify the city of a street light that was dark. Unfortunately, although the report went in on October 21 and I got immediate replies on the 21st and 22nd, that light was still not fixed on October 30.
I made another complaint on Report a Problem, and then because one of the original replies was from MG&E, I called.  That was the ticket.  By the next day, Halloween, the street light was fixed at Whenona and Milford Road.
Thanks, MG&E.

8 - Take Madison West Police District Community Survey Online
October 26, 2014 5:02 PM

MPD's five patrol districts do an annual community survey.  This is an opportunity for us to hear from citizens on what their concerns are, and on how we are doing as an agency.  The West District suvey always has a great return rate, and the results and comments are helpful.  So please take a few minutes of your time to complete the 2014 survey for the West District: <file://localhost/s/2014West>

---  End of November 3, 2014 DUNN’S MARSH NEIGHBORHOOD e-NEWS  -----

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